Web Radio


Produced and run by us: RadioRadsport – online radio for cycling fans!

IT Services

Carefree since it’s running smoothly

We will keep your systems up-to-date. For ad hoc operations we are gladly at your disposal – either remote (e.g. via TeamViewer) or personally. With a maintenance contract we can guarantee you very short response times!


Well-advised into the future

We will give recommendations for buying or not buying (something) and support you in keeping your systems economically sustainable and the costs manageable.



Safely through the internet

You lock your office door at night. Therefore you should also protect your company from digital burglary and prevent unauthorized access.


Play it safe

Indoors and out: double secured and stress-free. Your data are in your hands and in a safe place.


the modern way to call

The world of telephony is increasingly merging with the world of IT/information technology and is subject to constant change, too. Be ready for the changeover of your telecommunication to IP-technology while still using your telephone connection.

Mobile Device Management


Keep track of your external devices and let your calendar and email accounts be managed remotely.

Location Networking

Securely connected

Networking offices: Easily connect your external employees with your company and give them access to files on your company network.

Provided Internet Services

Hosting of calendars, contacts and emails

We successfully use Kerio Connect as collaboration server and that way host your data for you. Your advantage is obvious: email-, calendar- and contacts hosting with a private provider you trust. With Antivir and Antispam in a cost-effective complete package that you can subscribe to with us.

Virtual Private Network


Access your data in your company network anytime on the go or from your home office.

E-Mail Storage

keep your mail stored safely

Legally secure email archiving with Mailstore. Save your business emails according to state laws. Be equipped if an audit takes place. And find any email anytime within seconds, no matter which provider you use.


Failure-free work

Before you have even noticed a failure, we will react to a report of your backup, your firewall or any other hardware connected to our monitoring system and will eliminate the error.