Team spinning wheelz cs&m Wins Race in Munich

Team spinning wheelz cs&m wins in Munich

After 80 rounds, a winning time of 23 hours, 44 minutes and 38 seconds was finally recorded. The teams of Martin Hollmann (Spinning Wheelz) and Sebastian Weinert (cs&m) had a one-lap advantage over the second-placed team “Zweiradsport Geyer”. Until Saturday evening, the former professional cyclist Lutz Schäfer (previously at Rocky Mountain/ Bike Action) supported the team of the brothers Sebastian and Christian Weinert, Andreas Aegerter, Ivo Büchs, Bogdan Piotrowski, Florian Jäger and Peter Laubsch. Schäfer managed to hold on to his personal record with a lap time of 15.32 minutes up to the finishing line, although he already had to leave the event at 7pm. With this performance, he was the fastest cyclist of all teams until the end of the race.


Overall ranking of the eight-man team


Also in the overall ranking of the eight-man teams the team Spinning Wheelz cs&m did really well. If the scores of all eight-man teams (61 teams) were put together, the team would have been ranked second place, with very little distance to the leading team.


Pictures and support 


The sports photographer Benedikt Kaliciak professionally presented the team in his pictures (sports photographer) Link: (Sport). Pictures will be published soon.

The team wants to thank all supporters for the great food they provided around the clock.



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